Friday, November 18, 2005

On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969)

Most Underrated Bond Film

Moreso than any other Bond film, this one remains most faithful to the Fleming novels.
Many people discredit Lazenby as being too "flat" or "cardboard" and dismiss this film out of hand because of Connery or Moore's absence. That dismissal is their loss-- for they're missing out on one of the most brilliant and dynamic Bond films.

Plot-wise this film has far more depth than any of the other Bond films. Lazenby's portrayal is nondescript and very human. He's not as suave nor as debonairre as the Moore or Connery Bonds-- it makes him more palpable and real.

One of the highlights for me is Diana Rigg, I consider her performance as Contessa Teresa de Vincenzo to be the strongest performance of any "Bond Girl" in any of the Bond movies (and right it should be)!

Some details from the book were left out or changed because they made reference to the first Bond novel, Casino Royale (which is supposed to be the next Bond film). Considering that book has not yet been made into a legitimate film (although a 1967 Bond spoof starring David Niven and Peter Sellers was given this title) yet leaving those details in the film would only have caused confusion with viewers.

If you're looking for the more super-human super-agent James Bond, this is the wrong film for you. But if you're looking for one of the deepest and most fleshed out Bond stories and one of the most human Bond portrayals-- this is the only Bond film truly worth seeing!

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