Friday, November 18, 2005

Pat Dailey - Raw Bars (1998)

Welcome everybody to my place
You can pull up a chair
Or just pull up a face

We've got all we need
The only thing that we lack
Is a rich, dumb, young nymphomaniac

As a Cedar Point employee, near closing time at the employee bar back in 1998 that was my introduction to the music of Pat Dailey.

Raw Bars is pure fun. There's not a serious song to be found on this album. Whether you're looking for A Doobie and a brew and some poontang too or are a fan of Raw Bars (especially the ones with Liquor (lick her) in the front, and poker (poke her) in the rear) you'll more than likely, end up singing along to these amusing drinking songs.

That is to say that this is the kind of music to listen to when you're sick of listening to all that other music that takes life too seriously. The songs are fun and upbeat and certainly not meant to be enjoyed in the presence of young ones. This music should appeal to the teenager (or the dirty old man) in everyone.

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Anonymous said...

My best friend worked at Heineman's winery in Put in Bay, and I went to see her in 1998. I think we actually heard him sing this song at the Beer Barrel. I loved it b/c it was so fun and Jimmy Buffet-ish. Later that summer, I was on a friend's mini-yacht (Oh, I miss having rich friends), and he was playing the CD (it was his parents'!).

Wasn't the "Dailey's" bar there actually Pat's?