Sunday, November 20, 2005

Supertramp - Crisis? What Crisis?!?! (1975)

Most of Supertramp's big hits ended up on 1974's Crime of the Century or 1979's Breakfast in America. Indeed, Crisis? What Crisis?!? doesn't contain any of those fun hummable and singable tunes that made those other albums such huge sellers. That being said, this album has something both those albums, lack-- CONSISTENCY.

While it lacks the big hits, it also lacks the clunkers that often fall victim to the "skip" button.

Every song on the album is trademark Supertramp, with Roger Hodgson's soaring tenor and Rich Davies' more somber melancholy vocals gracing every track.

There aren't many albums I can say this about, but Crisis? What Crisis?! is an album I never tire of. As much as I love Supertramp's hits, this album seems to have a little something extra their other albums lack. They start the album firing on all pistons and they don't let up on any song.

Why songs like Sister Moonshine and Soapbox Opera never got the airplay or acclaim that songs like Bloody Well Right and The Logical Song received is beyond me. The songs on this gem of an album are as good as anything else Supertramp has ever done.

If you're familiar with and enjoy Supertramp's hits, I dare you to take an excursion into this gem of an album to hear 10 pieces of aural candy that remain largely undiscovered outside the circle of Supertramp's more dedicated fans. And if you're already familiar with this album, maybe it's time to take a trip down memory lane by giving it another spin or two. You won't be sorry you did!


Juliette said...
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Caetano said...

I agree completely with you. This one is my favourite Supertramp's album!

Kevin said...

Supertramp's "Crisis? What Crisis?" 1975 concert was the first live concert I ever saw at the tender age of 16 and the album remains a firm favourite of mine. Timeless!