Monday, November 21, 2005

Wicker Park (2004)

If you go into this movie expecting a "thriller" you will be disappointed. This movie wasn't my choice, it was my wife's. I was expceting a poorly done, cheesy, cliche, thriller. It wasn't... As a thriller it was extremely disappointing.

But I didn't see it as a thriller, more as a very sympathetic character study. It touched on themes of loneliness, yearning, unrequited love, and friendship. The characters are very rich and multi-dimensional.

Matthew Lillard, whom I've never been able to take seriously in any film I've ever seen him in even got to me!

Ths soundtrack perfectly captured the whole mood of the film. In some ways this film captured the feelings and nuances of The Rules of Attraction far better and more effectively than that movie did.

It's a very emotional movie which really does allow you to sympathize with all the characters on some level or another even if you don't like or agree with their actions.

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