Monday, May 01, 2006

United 93

This weekend my wife & I went to see United 93. I felt like I was reliving September 11th. Initially, I wanted to be there with those people before they got on that plane. I wanted to relive, even if just for a few minutes, what life was like before the world was turned upside down.

My wife & I were watching the people boarding and wanting to just scream "DON'T GET ON THE PLANE!" Watching with frustration as the Air Traffic Controllers tried to figure out what was going on with all of the hijacked planes and watching in shock as the 2nd plane struck the 2nd tower.

I still remember that day-- it was a Tuesday, I had the day off but for some reason I got up around 8:30 am, quite early for a day off. I remember I logged on to check my email and saw a Yahoo headline saying "click here for the latest on the World Trade Center Bombing." Which really puzzled me, "what latest? The World Trade Center was bombed back in 1993! What possible new information could there be now?" I thought to myself. So clicked on the link and saw a picture of the World Trade Center with smoke billowing out the top of it. I knew something wasn't right-- The WTC had been bombed from its base in 1993, I'd NEVER seen any photos with smoke billowing out the top of either of the buildings.

So I jumped, yes literally jumped out of my chair, ran to the TV and turned it on and watched in horror as they replayed the footage of the 2nd plane striking the second tower. And then the news of the Pentagon, followed by news that the State Department was being evacuated due to a suspected bomb threat there. "What the hell is happening to my country?" I'd never seen my nation in such chaos, such confusion and panic. I remember watching in disbelief as each of the two towers came crashing down.

My wife and I sat there and cried through most of the film, clutching each others hands with white knuckles wishing desperately for a different ending than the one which we knew was coming. We watched as the passengers of United 93 formulated a plan and prevented 9/11 from becoming an even more disastrous day that it ended up being. And as the film blacked out at the end-- dead silence at first followed by a few scattered sniffles. No one said a word. Everyone stayed in their seats letting it all sink in and then-- slowly, quietly, everyone stood and filed out of the theater. Everyone was a little red and puffy around their eyes, some people were just nodding in disbelief-- still in shock that this had actually happened. It's been nearly five years now, and it still seems so unreal... so surreal.

Some will say, it's still too soon. Not enough time has passed. But if we let too much time pass, we will forget... and if we forget what happened on 9/11/01 WILL happen again-- and next time it could be worse.


Crazy Dan said...

I think it is an awesome movie and with the attention spans of most americans I would say the movie was to long in coming. People need to be reminded that their are still enemies out there.

Charlie said...

Perplexio you say, "But if we let too much time pass, we will forget... and if we forget what happened on 9/11/01 WILL happen again...."

Unfortunately, I beleive it will happen again even if we do not forget. It is inevitable. If I was ever wrong about anything I hope it is this. I for one will never forget.

Perplexio said...

crazy dan: very well said.

Charlie: Make that two of us who hope you get proven wrong about the events of 9/11 repeating themselves.

Leazwell said...

I remember that morning vividly. Driving to work I was very aware of how clear and blue the sky was. The radio station played three of my favorite songs in a row. All 3 songs have lyrics about remaining positive even during bleak cicumstances. The first song was "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head". Why on such a beautiful day would they play that. Second was "I Can See Clearly Now". After this one I knew something was up. God was trying to tell me something but I said no way it's too gorgeous; nothing bad could happen. Then "Crystal Blue Persuasion" aired. I was truly alarmed and God placed this thought in my mind, "No matter what happens, remember, I'm in control." "You have got to be kidding, Lord, surely nothing could happen ... OK, but ..." He used the messages of those songs to help instill peace. When the news broke I was prepared.

Bar Bar A said...

i am going to see it. thanks for your review

Sar said...

You know, your review of the movie was impressive but your recount of your personal experience on 9/11 even moreso. It is something that will forever bind us all.