Thursday, May 31, 2007

Soon I Will Be Invincible by Austin Grossman

Being a comic book geek I was really hoping, no EXPECTING to enjoy this book. And admittedly at times it was kind of quirky and fun, but I think going forward if I want to read about super-heroes I'll stick to the comic books and avoid novels like this.

Remember that movie, Mystery Men with Ben Stiller from a few years ago? This book had a similar feel to it... and much like Mystery Men it fell completely flat.

The characters are interesting enough but they're also quite two-dimensional. Comic book writers do a much better job at giving their characters depth-- whether the lack of dimension was an intentional spoof on the negative stereotypes of comic books or just poor writing is uncertain. The overall predictability of the plot and the ending which seemed to have come from left field could also have been an intentional lampoon of comic lore and legend or much like the lack of dimension of the characters it might just have been poor writing.

Either way, if this was a spoof it was rather poorly done and rather than poke fun at the negative stereotypes of comic books and comic book fandom it will only serve to perpetuate them or even if it was just poor writing, well the author might want to switch to material he's more familiar with and leave the super heroes to the pros over at DC and Marvel.

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