Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Everything Changes by Jonathan Tropper

Everything Changes Everything Changes by Jonathan Tropper

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This being my second foray into the writings of Jonathan Tropper (the first being How to Talk to a Widower) I continue to be impressed by his writing.

While there are definite similarities in plot between the two books-- conflicted male who thinks his life is in order is faced with adversity and the true uncertainties of life to test his limits-- there are enough differences and the characters in Everything Changes are flawed enough to be believable and likable and there are still enough differences between his works to not give the impression that each book is just a re-tread of each previous book.

Zack King is not always a likable character but he's believable enough that even when you may not particularly like him, even when you want to reach into the book and throttle some sense into the lad, you care enough about him to keep reading and learn whether or not he'll ever figure it out on his own and still come out on top.

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