Friday, November 18, 2005

Chicago Transit Authority (1969)

I need not even close my eyes and I can hear Lee Loughnane's melodic trumpet solo from "Introduction," Terry Kath's soulful guitaritstry on "Liberation," and I can picture Robert Lamm reaching into his Steinway to pluck the piano strings for his adventurous Free-form intro to "Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?" This was Chicago at their finest hour- a group of young green boys from the Windy City getting their foot in the door of the LA music scene. With every remastered note you can hear their hunger, their drive, their creativity, and their humble beginnings.

Whether it's the thick yet melodic bass chops of Peter Cetera reminding you that he was, once upon a time, not only a fantastic vocalist-- but also a phenomenal bass player; the symbiosis of the horns playing with such tight and raw energy they sound as though they are one instrument; or the precision drumming of Danny Seraphine-- THIS is the CD to listen to when one wants to be reminded of why Jann Wenner and the Nominating Committee of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame are tone deaf. Chicago has a few other great albums in their catalog-- but on the merits of this masterpiece alone one can find plenty of reasons why Chicago belongs in the Hall of Fame.

After listening to this musical endeavour, it's sad to note that this fantastic group morphed into a band that played bubble-gum lover's lament prom songs and standard wedding fodder for the masses from the late seventies through the eighties.

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M. B. said...

When I think to "Chicago Transit Authority" I think at pure music, great musicians and arrangements (thanks to Jimmy and the other members of the group).
I think at my early, early album I bought and I cannot made better choice ...... I still do hear it and anytimes it is fantastic because of the varieties of the songs.
There's Terry fantastic "Introduction" Robert's "Does Anybody......" with his wonderful piano solo intro (they doesn't still play since a long time, boh!), the socio-political "Questions" the romantic "Beginnings" and at last ALL THE SONGS IN THIS ALBUM ARE TASTEFUL AND WELL PLAYED!!!!
Many articles saying of it "One of the best debut in rock history" and i say that it's true but there's much more in it, I don't know specifically what, but i think it's a special feeling between the members that you can do hear but not describe........
I'm a great Jazz-Rock fan, I like many pop-jazz groups like BST, Ten Wheel Drive, Lighthouse and many more, but Man, nobody I mean nobody was like the original "Chicago". Nobody had their talents, Nobody had two of the greatest instrumentalists I've ever heard. Who they are? Danny (magnificent drummer) and Terry legend, my hero.............and thanks to the rest of the boys..........

I love you Chicago fans