Friday, November 18, 2005

Chicago 19 (1988)

Well... at least the cover art is cool to look at.

The worst album Chicago has ever released (yes, even worse than the failed attempt at Disco known as Chicago XIII). I don't care how many "hits" it yielded. This was Chicago pandering to the label and to the masses. Heart In Pieces, c'mon, you've got to be kidding me, right? The original version by Canadian Tim Feehan is leaps and bounds better than this poor excuse of a "Chicago" song. Feehan can sing circles around Scheff and DOES. If you want to hear this song done right, try to find Feehan's Full Contact. And THAT is how this song SHOULD sound.

I Don't Want To Live Without You Looking Away at What Kind of Man Could Last Forever. Yes, I know it's really 4 different songs but they may as well all be the same song. They're all bland insipid and uninspired drivel. In 1995 and 2000, Chicago performed What Kind of Man Would I Be acoustically, the acoustic arrangement was leaps and bounds better than the version found on this CD.

Victorious, I Stand Up, and Come In From the Night ALMOST save this album. However, Victorious lacks horns and as good as Come In From the Night and I Stand Up are... they lack the fire and energy of songs like Follow Me, What You're Missing, and Prima Donna.

This isn't just the worst album Chicago recorded for Warner/Reprise this is their worst album, BAR NONE. It's so bad that if someone were to try to give it to you for free it would still be a waste of your money.

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Matthew Blumenstein said...

I have to disagree. I think 19 is a decent album. Nowhere near as good as 16 or 17, but much better than 18.

Yeah, the extraneous ballads are annoying, and I always have to dodge them when I listen to 19, but look past those and it's still a decent album.

How can you say I Stand Up or Come In From The Night lack energy? Especially I Stand Up. That song is FANTASTIC.

Just because Chicago's cover of Heart In Pieces may be inferior in your eyes to the Feehan mix, it doesn't make it a bad song. You never really went into detail about the song itself, you just said that it was inferior.

What about Runaround? I think that's one of the better songs off the album? Why no mention of it?

In my opinion, simply factor out the four ballads, and 19 is a pretty decent album. Even You're Not Alone isn't bad.