Thursday, November 13, 2008

Steve Lukather - Ever Changing Times (2008)

My hopes were high for Lukather's first album of original material since 1997's Luke. While I thoroughly enjoyed his rather unusual yet festive Christmas venture, Santamental, a few years ago Lukather is at his best when performing original material.

Initially, I was underwhelmed. The album opens with a bang on its title track and had some high points like New World which featured guest background vocals by former Toto bandmate, Joseph Williams, and the deeply personal I Am was also a highlight for me but much of the rest of the album fell flat for me on first listen.

That being said, I didn't feel I was being fair to Lukather. Didn't feel as though I'd given the album a fair enough shake. After all, there were a handful of Toto albums that I'd initially been lukewarm to which later grew to be my favorites. So, I gave Ever Changing Times a few more listens and sure enough like a fine wine this album is to be sipped and savored. It won't blow you away on first listen, it will sneak in and subtly win you over, but only after you give it the time and chance it truly deserves.

While Luke, with its raw unpolished sound and darkly personal lyrics remains my favorite of Lukather's solo endeavours Ever Changing Times is arguably a more well rounded album featuring a better mix of the uptempo and Lukather's more melancholic melodic side (sometimes in the same song as in Tell Me What You Want From Me).

If you're new to Lukather's solo material or new to his music in general this is an excellent album to start with as it really displays his multiple talents-- guitarist, songwriter, and singer. If you're already familiar with him, this album might not grab you at first-- but give it a chance, in the long run it won't disappoint!

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Seano said...

Found your site through Layla's...great stuff...thanks for shedding some light on Steve led me to check his album out. Sean

Starrlight said...

oh my, I like this blog. Reviews on books and music?! Hot damn. I will be back when I am not on the timeclock ;)