Saturday, April 30, 2011

One Track Mind: Steve Lukather - Hate Everything About U (1997)

In 1997 Steve Lukather released his most raw and personal album to date, Luke.  After his then recent divorce Luke was an emotional blood-letting of sorts.  Hate Everything About U is perhaps the most heart-wrenching of the songs on the album.

Employing the same songwriting tool that 10cc did on their hit I'm Not In Love--  repetition.  Lukather's repeated claims of hate instead reveal a heartbroken love.  Lukather rattles off a litany of reasons for his "hate" that expose his love, regret, and broken heart.

At the time I first heard this song in 1998, I was still nursing the wounds of a broken heart suffered a few months before this song was a sucker punch to my heart.  While the whole album resonated with me Hate Everything About U and Always Be There For Me (but that's another review for another time) hit a particular nerve.  And while I've long since moved on I still look back on both of those songs fondly as they helped me get through a bit of a rough patch

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Tender Heart Bear said...

I do agree with you about this album. If anyone that has a brake up this is a great album to listen to. I know that when my ex walked out on me I did listen to a couple of the songs. I really like this album.