Friday, November 18, 2005

John Wetton - Akustika: Live in Amerika (1996)

Wetton may not be the best singer in the world but he is certainly one of the most passionate. Unfortunately, Wetton seems to tone down his performances on this CD, while they're still passionate they seem to lack that level of intense deep to the core of the soul passion that I know he's capable of after hearing some of his other live performances. I've heard live versions of Hold Me Now that have just about moved me to tears. Unfortunately this CD lacks that level of emotion.

The CD is still well worth getting if for no other reason than to hear Christina and Wetton's acoustic version of Don't Cry which is exceptional on this CD. Those 2 songs alone make this CD WELL worth getting, the rest of the material, while very good, isn't up to the standards I normally expect of Mr. Wetton however.

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Anonymous said...

I bought this from emusic.
The title keeps the habit of a title beginning and ending in 'a', which isn't done anymore.
There are a few other acoustic solo releases he did.